Simpsonovci 24. séria

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Zoznam dielov:

1. 24×01 Moonshine River

2. 24×02 Treehouse of Terror

3. 24×03 Adventures in Baby Getting

4. 24×04 Gone Abie Gone

5. 24×05 Penny Wiseguys

6. 24×06 A Tree Grows in Springfield

7. 24×07 The Day the Earth Stood Cool

8. 24×08 To Cur With Love

9. 24×09 Homer Goes to Prep School

10. 24×10 A Test before Trying

11. 24×11 The Changing of the Guardian

12. 24×12 Love Is a Many Splintered Thin

13. 24×13 Hardly Kirk-ing

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